This is a fast-moving visual extravaganza, based on the famous Jules Verne novel, in 34 scenes and with up to 50 characters. It will be directed by Pete Raine and produced by Fanny Richmond.

In 1872, the wealthy and urbane Phileas Fogg wagers his fortune that he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. Accompanied by his long suffering valet Passepartout, they encounter danger, adventure and romance from London to Cairo, India, Hong Kong, Japan, the Wild West and New York using trains, steam boats, – and an elephant!

Five characters remain as themselves. The other 50 or so characters (a flexible number) can be played by another 8 or more actors (another flexible number) as follows:


Phileas Fogg. Our brave hero. Mature and confident. (30-60)
Passepartout. His valet. An excitable Frenchman, entertaining and above all acrobatic. (20-50)
Inspector Fix. A dogged London detective who ends up travelling with Fogg, much to their mutual surprise. (40+)
Mrs Aouda. An attractive Anglo-Indian widow who befriends Fogg (30 +)
Mr Naidu A successful businessman. (30 +)

A minimum of of 6 men and 2 women playing anything from the following list and lots more besides:
Consuls and ambassadors
Naval captains
London clubmen
Street beggars and flower sellers
Train guards and conductors
Judges and policemen
Opium smokers
Acrobats and jugglers

Get together and read through – at the theatre on Tuesday Feb 19th 7.30 pm
Auditions – at the theatre on Sunday Feb 24th at 2 pm
Run dates – May 8th, 9th, 10th,11th matinee and evening, 12th matinee


This summer’s big FHODS production will be The Sound of Music. It’s probably the world’s most popular musical, and we’ll be looking to give our audiences a new and dynamic version they’ve never seen before.

The production team will be Mike Manton (director), Samantha Burgess (assistant director), Natalie Holness (producer), Jasmine King (choreographer) and Steve Hawkins (vocal coach). Performance dates will be June 28-July 7 and for the first time FHODS will be doing a sing-along performance for the last date.

Rehearsals will be mainly Sundays and Wednesdays, with children rehearsing on Sundays only. Detailed audition details, including sample music scores and scripts, will be online soon and available at the get-together.

Get-together will be at the Tower Theatre at 3pm on Sunday, February 3. Auditions will be two weeks later on February 17. If you have any questions, please feel free to message or email me (

Below are the characters (and ages) – feel free to act up or down in age (especially children) or challenge my assumptions!

Maria Rainer (20s) – soprano/mezzo, some dance
Captain Georg von Trapp (35-50) – tenor/baritone, moves well
Max Detweiller (40+) – tenor/baritone
Elsa Schrader (35-45) – soprano/alto, moves well
Mother Abbess (40+) – powerful soprano, wide vocal range
Liesl von Trapp (16, going on 17) – mezzo/soprano, moves well
Friedrich von Trapp (14)
Louisa von Trapp (13)
Kurt von Trapp (10)
Brigitta von Trapp (9)
Marta von Trapp (7)
Gretl von Trapp (5)
Sister Berthe, Mistress of Novices (50+) – alto
Sister Margaretta, Mistress of Postulants (20-40) – mezzo/soprano
Sister Sophia (30-60) soprano
Rolf Gruber (16-20) – tenor, moves well
Franz, the butler (40+) – non-singing
Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper (35+) – non-singing
Herr Zeller (35+) – non-singing
Admiral Von Schreiber (40+) – (non-singing
Men and Women Ensemble members (16+) – To play nuns, monks, priests, Nazis, postulants, guests at the Captain’s party, Salzburg citizens, and contestants in the Festival Concert.