Read through and audition notice 

Read thorugh at 7:30pm on Tuesday 4th June | Auditions at 7:30pm on Tuesday 11th June. Directed by Stephen Hawkins and produced by Samantha Burgess. Please email or for more info.


Hi-de-Hi campers!  The BAFTA award winning comedy comes to The Tower Theatre this autumn! Set in Maplins Holiday Camp in the 1950’s, join the Yellowcoats for sing-alongs, fun and frolicks.


Gladys Pugh‐ Age 30‐40 ( Must have strong Welsh accent)

Totally smitten with Jeffery Fairbrother ( and loathes Sylvia Garnsey), Gladys is head yellow coat, seeing herself as indispensable to Jeffery ( in every way).

Audition‐ (Scene 2 only)

Peggy Ollerenshaw‐ Age 25‐40

Peggy is one of life’s triers. She longs to be a yellowcoat ( always just missing out). Loyal, dependable, scatty and a real character. ( Needs good comic timing and the likeability factor)

Audition‐ (Pg 17‐ Allo’‐ In the ballroom’)

Jeffery Fairbrother‐ Age 30‐45

The new camp entertainments manager, Jeffery is totally out of his depth. He is uncomfortable around people, uptight, and awkward. He has to be played posh and straight laced and is completely oblivious to Gladys’ charms.

Audition‐(Pg 7 ‘Good morning everybody‐Mr Maplin has in mind’)

Ted Bovis‐ Age 40‐55

The camp comedian, Ted is as Northern as you can get, brash, loud, cocky with excellent comic timing. He is also very dodgy ( ripping off the campers at any opportunity) and is Spike’s mentor.

Audition‐ (Pg15 Would you believe‐ Position of power and Pg34‐35 Act II scene 2)

Spike Dixon‐ Age 20‐30

The camp’s trainee comic spike’s comedy is very visual ( dressing up in anything to get a laugh, he needs to be played so the comedy always just fails to get the laugh). Must be very energetic, great personality and a nice bloke ( who gets caught up in Ted’s schemes, much to his annoyance).

Audition ( pg15‐ 16 – as Ted above)

Fred Quilly‐ Age 40‐50

Fred is an Ex‐ Jockey now Horse riding instructor. He loves his ‘orses and will do anything for them. Must be played by a small, lean man. He has constant battles with his ‘room mate’ Mr Partridge.

Audition‐(pg 4/5)

Mr Partridge‐ Age 60‐75

Miserable, vulgar old man who is the camp’s Punch and Judy performer ( but who hates kids!) Constantly moaning and swearing and does not want to be there. An alcoholic who rooms with Fred ( see above).

Audition‐(pg20 You can save your‐ I won’t let you down)

Yvonne Stewart‐Hargreaves‐ Age 45‐55

Very prim and proper, Yvonne is a ballroom dancer who feels Maplin’s is totally beneath her ( along with everyone who works there‐ including her husband Barry). Moody, ungrateful not nice at all ( a bit of dancing required).

Audition‐( Pg11/12)

Barry Stewart‐Hargreaves Age 45‐55

Hen pecked husband of Yvonne, wimpy, brow beaten and spineless. Occasionally speaks up against Yvonne, but is quickly put down again ( needs some dance ability)

Audition ( as above)

Sylvia Garnsey‐ Age 20‐30

Yellow coat who is very ambitious ( want’s Gladys’ job if truth be told, and would do anything to get up the ladder). Has to be able to sell herself in many different ways and be nice one minute and a cow the next!

Audition ( pg35 scene 3 start)

Hillary Bovis‐ Age 40‐50

A true tyrant of a woman ( think Nora Batty) she is after ex‐ hubby Ted for backpayment of money and will stop at nothing to get it.

Audition (Pg12/13)

Baliff‐ Any age

Small cameo role but must be big bruiser type and slightly menacing.

Audition‐ ( look only)

Pritchard – Age 30‐40

Small cameo role. He is besotted with Gladys ( so much so he has holidayed at Maplins for years just to hear her voice), Scene must be OTT.

Audition‐ ( Scene 2)

Betty Whistler, Gary Bolton, Dawn Freshwater and Tracey Brentwood‐ Yellow coats‐ Ages 18‐25

Maplin’s yellow coats, need to be fun, lively and know that their sole purpose is to make the campers have the time of their lives! ( Odd lines)