Founded back in 1902, FHODS is one of the country’s oldest amateur dramatic companies.

Based at The Tower Theatre in Folkestone, which is owned and operated by FHODS, the society presents a range of amateur productions – around seven each year – including dramas, comedies, musicals and, of course, our ever-popular pantomime.

Our productions are directed and produced by keen enthusiasts who dedicate a huge amount of time to these projects, with a cast of equally committed amateur performers.  A large proportion of the technical crew and front-of-house personnel are also volunteers and they play a huge part in enabling us to give our audiences a great theatre experience.

We welcome new members to the society and anyone can get involved both on and off-stage, and front of house.  Membership details, including application form and current rates can be found here.

Forthcoming Events


fri16sep7:30 pmSunset Boulevard7:30 pm Event Type :FHODS,Musical

sat17sep2:30 pmSunset Boulevard2:30 pm Event Type :FHODS,Musical

sat17sep7:30 pmSunset Boulevard7:30 pm Event Type :FHODS,Musical

thu22sep7:30 pmSunset Boulevard7:30 pm Event Type :FHODS,Musical

fri23sep7:30 pmSunset Boulevard7:30 pm Event Type :FHODS,Musical

sat24sep7:30 pmSunset Boulevard7:30 pm Event Type :FHODS,Musical


thu10nov7:30 pmSomeone Waiting7:30 pm Event Type :Drama,FHODS,Play

fri11nov7:30 pmSomeone Waiting7:30 pm Event Type :Drama,FHODS,Play

sat12nov2:30 pmSomeone Waiting2:30 pm Event Type :Drama,FHODS,Play

sat12nov7:30 pmSomeone Waiting7:30 pm Event Type :Drama,FHODS,Play


fri16dec7:00 pmCinderella7:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

sat17dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

sat17dec7:00 pmCinderella7:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

sun18dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

mon19dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

mon19dec7:00 pmCinderella7:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

tue20dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

tue20dec7:00 pmCinderella7:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

wed21dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

wed21dec7:00 pmCinderella7:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

thu22dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

thu22dec7:00 pmCinderella7:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

fri23dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

fri23dec7:00 pmCinderella7:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

sat24dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

tue27dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

tue27dec7:00 pmCinderella7:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

wed28dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

wed28dec7:00 pmCinderella7:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

thu29dec2:00 pmCinderella2:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto

thu29dec7:00 pmCinderella7:00 pm Event Type :Family,FHODS,Panto